Julia Kulik

Owner “JC Travel Ukraine”

Dear Friends,

My name is Julia and I run JC Travel Ukraine. I am a native Ukrainian. I was born in the eastern part and now live in Kyiv. I enjoy my job; enjoy Ukraine and  showing my homeland to guests from different countries. The tourism world has recentlychanged a lot. Nowadays travelers are interested in visiting not onlywell-known sights. Real travelers try to experience and understand local people and their life, culture, history and even habits. Real travelers try to feel, discover and enjoy like locals do!

And how do locals travel around Ukraine? Simple… They drive! Average Ukrainians prefer to drive and  to do sightseeing on the way. It gives them flexibility which is so important while discovering their own country, especially Western part. Especially Carpathians where train connections are not good at all and planes do not fly many places there.

And that is exactly why we created comfortable tours around Ukraine by making use of minivans. Our groups are small (not more than 6 people) and we drive our own vehicles.This allows our guests to receive a high level of personal service for a reasonable price. Per day from city to city we drive not more than 5 hours. We do stops on the way and show hidden spots of the country. We give flexibility and comfort. We use only local guides, who can tell not only history facts about the places… but also can tell memorable stories that only locals know! That’s important!

We treat our guests as our close friends. So surprise yourself and Enjoy Ukraine as locals Do!


Aleksandr Skrypka

General Manager “JC Travel Ukraine”

If You want life to smile at You, give it your good mood from the beginning. I like this quotation. It is true, it happens so in our lives. If You are lucky, smile, give children and people your smiles, as well as giving this to our own life – your life will be beautiful.

I always follow this concept – in my family, in friendship, in my work, and while communicating with partners. I like nature, traveling and relaxing with people who are close to me. I guess there is nothing impossible in our life. The main thing – is to believe and to follow the designated goals.

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