Here you can find useful information about how to get a visa to Ukraine, what to do before entering Ukraine and what documents you need in order to apply for Ukraine tourist visa. Are you still on the planning step? Let us make it works out for you!


First of all, you have to find out whether you need a visa to Ukraine or not.

No visa required for citizens of the countries of European Union, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and many more, who can stay in Ukraine without visa up to 90 days within a 180-day period.  Sounds good, isn’t it?

Here: Do I need a visa for Ukraine  you have to get more information about visa necessity.

Important! There are four kinds of visas to Ukraine: transit, private, tourist and business. We are able to help you only with the documents in order to apply for tourist visa to Ukraine!

If you do need a visa, and you are confident your purpose of visiting Ukraine is tourism, then it’s time to take care of your travel visa.

Your next steps are:

  1. Check that your passport is valid for 3 months after your stay.
  2. All the necessary tickets for the return trip and other documents from your side are ready and in order.
  3. Vaccinations are not necessary when visiting Ukraine.

Then you need to get Ukraine tourist voucher and invitation letter Ukraine. We are ready to prepare these documents for you.


Important! We provide such documents if only you buy a tour package with us.

To issue Ukrainian tourist voucher and invitation letter we will need from you the following:

  1. Dates of arrival and departure;
  2. Cities you intend to visit according to the tour program we made for you;
  3. A copy of your passport;
  4. Address where to send originals (if you need originals) and your phone number;

If you need original documents, then we send them by DHL. For this matter you have to provide us your postal address and phone number and pay for DHL fees additionally.

When we receive all information from you including the deposit for a tour, we issue the documents during 1 business day, send copies to you by email so you can check them out, and then on the next business day the originals are sent by DHL.

Important! We send originals only on the next business day after they are issued. If you need delivery to be done on the same day – we charge $40 extra for urgency.

So usually the procedure takes about 2 business days.
Delivery takes about 3 business days.

If you need a medical insurance – we can help you with that too. Just mention that in your message to us.

Important! Plan your travel dates properly, not later than 1 month prior arrival date to Ukraine. Note, that for an Embassy it takes about 2 weeks to issue a visa.

Now, it’s time to go and apply for Ukraine visa in Ukrainian Embassy in your country.

Please, note, only a Ukrainian Embassy can decide whether to issue your visa to Ukraine or not. We are not responsible for their actions.

You have to check your visa in a proper way in order to know period of validity. Only you are responsible for knowing the rules for the type of visa you have.

The list of Ukrainian Embassies you can find here: