More and more international airlines schedule regular flights to Ukraine these days. Hundreds of flights arrive from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Most of them land in Boryspil (or Borispol, in Russian transliteration) International airport which is about 30 km from the Kyiv center.

The airport has a well-developed infrastructure with 3 operating terminals for domestic and international flights. Each terminal has everything you may need in case you have to spend some time there waiting for the next flight. Different shops, cafes and bars, airline offices, travel agencies, currency exchange and bank offices, secured luggage storage, Internet access points and business lounges are there for passengers’ convenience. In Terminal D there is a VIP Lounge available for the most demanding travelers who prefer the highest level of comforts and services.

Remember! In Boryspil International Airport smoking is allowed only in the special areas.

If on arrival you want to continue your journey to another Ukrainian city you can use services by one of the long distance bus companies that operate in the airport. Although flying by Ukrainian airlines is safe and comfortable, local flights are not very popular among local people because of the cost and because of lack of airport infrastructure in smaller towns.

Those who want to stop in Kyiv have many options to travel from the airport to the city. Boryspil International Airport has its own transport services – Sky Taxi, Sky Express and Sky Buses provide passengers with a direct cost-effective transportation 24/7. Taxi drivers offer their services as well. Or you may ask your local assistant (interpreter) to arrange private transfer for you.

The airport in Boryspil is not the only international airport in Ukraine. There are also some international flights to/from Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Zhuliany (another Kyiv airport that serves mostly flights from Europe and internal flights). All the airports have high-end aviation security systems, improved passenger services, updated engineering and information technologies.

Here you can read more about Kyiv International Airports.


The easiest and the most cost-effective way to travel within Ukraine is to travel by train. Be it winter or summer – a train will get you to your destination in any corner of Ukraine.

There are some different kinds of trains that may differ from what you are used to in your country.

Suburban Trains go within a region or between regions that are next to each other. The trains do not have sleeping berths and may be overcrowded especially in summer season.

Express Trains run between major cities with few stops. The train cars have no cabins with couchettes, there are seats only.

Fast trains are good for big distance. They usually go overnight between big cities and make fewer stops. In most cases these are high quality trains with good service.

Passenger trains are quite slow. They go different directions and stop often in small towns. The quality of the train and service may vary.

Both fast and passenger trains have different class of cars where you can lie down to relax during a long journey or sleep at night (except the so called “common wagon”).

The SV (or sleeping wagons) are the best type of sleeping cars. Each car is divided into small cabins with 2 berths on sides and a small table between them. Very rare there is a sink in the cabin and one berth is over another one.

In so called Coupe car each cabin has 2 lower and 2 upper berths, boxes for luggage are below the lower berths, extra space for luggage is in the niche above the door, and a small unfolding table by the window. This type of cars usually has air-conditioning but not always.

Cabins in a Platzcart car look like Coupe but do not have doors and cannot be closed. There are also side located (along the passageway opposite the cabins) berths in two levels.

Bed-clothes is always served in SV, coupe and platzcart. Its cost is usually included into ticket cost, but its quality may vary.

Common wagon are the cars of the lowest level. It is not organized for sleeping and seats there often do not have any number.

More information about train system in Ukraine HERE…


– You may have to show your passport to the train porter, when entering the train. Your name is printed on the ticket and should be spelled the same as in your document.

– There are no separate cabins for ladies and for men. If you want some privacy you may have to buy a whole cabin.

– There are no cars for smokers and non-smokers. Smoking in the cabins and in the passageways is not allowed.

You can buy a ticket for the train HERE…


Water transport is not very popular in Ukraine but it still plays an important role for freight services and passenger traffic around the Dnieper basin and along the Black Sea cost. You would not find vessels among popular transportation for people in case you need to get from one point to another but cruise industry has advanced rapidly over the past few years.

River cruises on the Dnieper or sea voyages along the Black sea cost in Crimea are considered to be among the most interesting in this part of the word. Taking one of these cruises is a fun way to learn more about Ukraine and visit the most important landmarks of the country. Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kaniv, Kherson, Sevastopol, Yalta, and Odesa are only some cities you may visit travelling onboard of a nice ship. Besides various daily boat excursions are available in all major river and sea ports.


Subway (metro, underground)

There are only three cities in Ukraine that have their own subway systems – Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. Subway in these cities is the fastest and the most popular way to travel without traffic jams. Most subway stations are opened from some time before 6:00 am and closed after midnight.


– We recommend you to get a subway map in case you travel without a local assistant.

– Plan some time you can spend enjoying some of the subway stations as they are really architectural masterpieces.


Taxi service is available in all Ukrainian cities. You can order a taxi by using UBER, BOLT and UKLON or find one right in the street. The cost of the service may depend on the car class, time of the day, the luggage you have with you and even the weather.


– Be cautious while trying to hire a taxi without an interpreter. Unfortunately, there are drivers who tend to raise the price for foreigners.

– It is always better to agree on the cost before you start the ride. If you call for a taxi on phone some service may say you the cost right away and the driver should not ask for more.

Buses and Marshrutkas

Buses and marshrutkas (small taxi vans) is another very popular transportation. They can get you to the places where the subway does not run, but during rush hours they can be overcrowded and have lack of air-conditioning.

There are also some long distance bus routes between cities that can be used instead of trains.


– Buses always stop at the arranged stations while in a marshrutka you may have to ask for a stop.

Trolleybuses and trams

Many cities have trolleybuses and trams lines which are the most low-cost transportation.


– Each city has its own system for paying bus fare. The most popular options are buying a ticket at a ticket booth at a bus stop, buying a ticket from a “conductor” in the bus or directly from the driver. In some cities (for example, Kiev) you should punch your ticket with a special device on the wall.