Culinary Tours

Food plays a big role in our life. Of course, it is the main source of our daily energy. But let’s go beyond simple consumerism and fall in love with the country's cuisine from the first spoon.

There is a saying in Ukraine, that every housewife has her own recipe of Ukrainian borsch. We will not go to every apartment in Kyiv to prove it, but we will definitely show you the differences during your journey throughout Ukraine.

Every region has its own features, which is the result of their own unique geographical locations and the historical influence of surrounding nations.
With our tours you will get a chance to discover the diversity of Ukrainian cuisine and take the culinary classes to cook Ukrainian dishes at home for your family.

Feel free to book any of the classes and join our gastronomy tours on a private basis.

Let us open Ukraine for you by leading you through the world of tastes and flavours.

To make it happen - feel free to send us your inquiry.

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