Adventure Trips

Every travel we make is a little of adventure. Especially when we travel alone because even with perfectly planned journey we often have to deal with aspects which might force us to take spontaneous decisions and even risks. Our lives would be very boring without thrills and excitements.

Our Team thinks we need to add a little bit of tingles down your spine into your travel to Ukraine. And we have great news for you. Ukraine has so many options to offer!

Adventure tours take a big place on the tourism market. The most favorite ones among the foreign tourists are Chernobyl tours and shooting tours!
We will be happy if you would enjoy driving the tank or exploring the old missile bases.

Open the undergrounds of big cities, take a flight with paraglider in Carpathians, meet a sunrise on a air balloon flying above the towns.
Be brave, be courageous and let Ukraine surprise you with its wild soul and great potential.

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