The Carpathian Mountains are the lungs, and of course, the gem of Ukraine with its spectacular and dense forests! Any person, who visits Carpathians for the first time, is delighted with the place. You certainly know that would return here once more. The mountain chain is located in the marvelous western part of Ukraine. Nowadays it’s one of the most demanding resorts in European countries. This incredible territory preserved all the original beauty, breathtaking mountain lakes, thick forests, charming meadows, and rural shepherds, which attract tourists from all over the world.


Ukraine Carpathian Mountains tourism is expanding with each year. Currently, it’s a big part of the country’s economy. The area is famous for its rich culture, sporting activities, horse riding, high mountains, rafting, and authentic atmosphere.

If you like unique traveling, going for Ukraine Carpathian Mountains tour is the best variant for you. There are so many things you can do here: hiking, skiing, riding, cycling, visiting local waterfalls, breathing fresh air, eating traditional Carpathian food, do different tastings, staying in a wooden rural guesthouse and many other. One of the highlights will be finding out about who the Hutsuls are… Their traditions, culture, songs and dancing will overwhelm you! One of the impressive facts is that their traditional musical instrument called Trembita is the longest in the world! Once you come to the Carpathians, you’ll be enchanted with its beauty and adventurous activities.


Ukraine Carpathian Mountains resorts are one of the friendliest in Europe. All of them offer good services, beautiful views, remarkable slopes and plenty of snow. If you are a ski lover, the region is a perfect choice for you. Moreover, all of the resorts have a lot of entertainments, so you’ll get much fun here. Plus, you’ll be surprised with attractive prices!

If you are a great ski lover, we recommend visiting the most popular resort Bukovel, famous for its contemporary design and high-quality services. If you are interested in a family rest, visit the town Beregove (near the border with Hungary) or Kosino Thermal Resort. There you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful hot springs, swimming in the pool and providing your organism with various microelements and mineral compounds.

If you stay in the city, you can easily go from Lviv to Carpathian Mountains. Going there will take you only several hours. There are so many ways to get there: by bus, car, train etc. Lviv is one of the best places to start your journey to the mountains. Once you come here, do not forget to buy Carpathian Mountains Ukraine map to get a detailed guide of the area. If you want to buy some souvenirs for your friends and relatives, visit the most enchanting hand-made souvenir market in the marvelous town of Yaremche. The diversity of things here will certainly puzzle you. In Kolomyia you’ll be fascinated with a great selection of all possible Ukrainian embroidered shirts and adornments.

With each year the region is becoming more and more attractive and popular for foreign tourists. Thanks to a mild climate and unique landscapes, the area currently experiences a real tourism boom! It’s a perfect place not only for single but family rest. Come here to spend a majestic holiday, find your adventure, or simply hide away from the hectic life of the modern world.

Enjoy staying on this charming land and enjoy Ukraine!