Odesa manifests fun and pleasure. Travelling to Odesa is enjoyable all year round. Warm and clam summer sea, golden autumn parks and gardens, fresh sea breeze and spring flowers scent. But it’s not only the sea what makes Odesa so attractive for thousands of travelers. There would not be such a unique Odesa spirit without the unique Odesa people. Due to unbelievable stories and witty sayings Odesits are recognizable in any part of the world. Their sense of humor makes Odesa the Ukrainian capital of fun and laugh where April’s Fool Day is an official holiday. On this day, April 1st, everyone can unleash his inner child and turn into a prankster, the city erupts with carnivals, parades, concerts, plays, shows, and fireworks. Seems only people with a good sense of humor could build a Flat Building with an unusual appearance that gives the house multiple names – Devil’s House, Witch’s House, or House of one wall.

Odesa is a relatively new city. It was founded in 1794 when the Russian empress Catherine the Great decided that the country needed a new Black sea port to strengthen connection with other European countries. Since then Odesa has turned into the largest port in Ukraine, the third largest city in Ukraine, an important trade and industrial center, and a popular travel destination. The story of the city is full of remarkable events that have left imprints not only on people’s habits but the architectural layout of Odesa. To fully discover all the beauty and peculiarity of the city you may want to take time for a walking trip around the city.

Most of Odesa’s sights are located in the old city center which has rarely changed in a hundred years. No matter how long you are going to stay in Odessa every day you will discover something to win your heart over. Whether that is an old building, a modern monument, a quiet park or a street crowded with tourists, every time the city will reveal new pleasant surprises.

Odesa Opera and Ballet theatre

Although there are plenty of tourist routes in Odesa most of them will bring you to the city’s heart – the Deribasovskaya street. Everybody finds his own reasons to fall in love with the street. You may find peace and comfort like at home, architectural ensembles, chains of cafes and restaurants, stores and night clubs. Life here does not stop even at nights. Primorskiy Boulevard is another place for a promenade where you will find a monument to one of the Odesa’s founders Duke Rechelieu. If you really want to know the true soul of the city the boulevard is a must place to visit. To go from the boulevard to the sea you will have to go down 192 steps of the Potemkin Stairs. The stairs are considered to be the city’s entrance from the sea side and they were listed among the top 10 most beautiful stairs in Europe.

Of course there are more interesting places to visit in Odesa and the list of to-do things can be expanded as the city has something to offer travelers with different interests. But if you ask any local they will definitely advise you to walk on the Mother-in-Law Bridge, to learn more about Odesa’s history by exploring the underworlds of the city’s catacombs, make a wish at the Duke de Richelieu Monument, go shopping to Privoz marketplace, and visit the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater which was mentioned in Forbes’ list of the Exceptional Eastern European Sights.

Tourists know Odesa as famous not only for its sights but its vibrant nightlife. Night time in Odesa is time for fun, music, dances and active communication. Summer beach clubs and year-round night clubs open their doors. The epicenter of the nightlife in Odesa is the Arcadia area with dozens of discos, nightclubs, and bars. Night Odesa will get your heart pumping and your feet tapping.

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Enjoy staying on this charming land and enjoy Ukraine!