Bukovel is the biggest famous ski resort in Ukraine, located in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Ukraine is a great country to visit not only during warm period of time, but also it is a great destination to explore during winter. So let’s see what kind of activities Bukovel offers to its guests?

The Bukovel ski resort is located behind the village of Polyanytsya, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, which is the West of Ukraine. It is located at an altitude of nine hundred twenty (920) meters above sea level. The skiing season here can last from December to the end of March. Various trails and developed infrastructure allow Bukovel to reach the European level, attracting tens of thousands of tourists annually. 

Modern hotels for different budgets, good quality restaurants, different winter activities for all ages are the basis for a great holiday! The resort features 70 kilometers total of slopes, with 16 modern ski lifts and the latest achievements in snow-making machinery. 

It is very easy to rent all the needed equipment there and then enjoy a fantastic ski experience.   You can rent all the equipment and clothes  for a few hours or a few days. The same is with ski passes. Starting from a minimum of 3 hours to the required number of days. 

More information on prices you can see on the Bukovel website.

By the way, Bukovel is an awesome ski resort for beginners. They have many blue trails, where you can practice without any problems. Plus, they have a ski and snowboarding school, so you can get a professional instructor. 

We strongly recommend getting to the Dovga mountain, which is 1370 meters above sea level. Beautiful views, a cozy cafe on the top, a cup of mold wine will bring joy and happiness.  Also, Dovga means long, so it will be a long pleasant way down from this point. 

You also may wonder what to do in Bukovel if you are not a skier or snowboarder? 

Don’t worry, there are some interesting activities for you are available.  First of all, there is a panoramic lift, so you can get to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view to the whole ski resort and beautiful mountains. 

When you get to the top, it is not necessary to make the same way down. Instead, you can try the biggest trolley ferry – zipline in Ukraine, which is in Europe’s top 10 longest ziplines.  Also, there is an extreme amusement, which is new to Bukovel, called “Speed fun” Rodelbahn sledding. It is an exciting downhill experience with tight turns and trampolines, and you can control the speed of the sled.

Do you like skating? It is a perfect activity to have some fun with your kids and family, located right in the central part of Bukovel. 

Walk throught the Souvenir market can be turned into a pleasant shopping experience, where you can get some gifts from Ukraine for your families and friends.

Sking is a great thing, and sking in Bukovel, Ukraine can be your wonderful experience. This ski resort definitely deserves your attention if you like mountains, nature, snow, dynamic activities and adventures.