We have a saying “The path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach”. 

We say “The way to fall in love with Ukrainian culture lies through the Ukrainian cuisine”.

You can spend hours listening to your guide and learning the history of Ukraine, but food can show you a lot by leading you through the lands of aromas and tastes. 

If you think that Ukrainian cuisine starts with a big plate of borshch with pampushky and ends with a bigger bowl of varenyky, we have to go deeper into the question. Ukraine is one of the biggest countries of the Europe; with its` geographical center by the way. Still our cuisine is far from being so famous as Italian or French. The answer is hiding in the historical background. The 20th century was full of wars, terrors and destruction: WW I, WW II and Holodomor of 1932-1933 in between… The last one was cruelly hidden from the eyes of Europe and denied for a long time. As a result, Ukrainian cuisine was forgotten for some time as for Ukrainians those years, were years of survival. But for the guests of the country it will be quite challenging and interesting to get acquainted with new dishes. Contemporary Ukrainian cuisine is just beginning to be mentioned and revived by professionals. 

Main Features of Ukrainian Cuisine

  • Ukrainian cuisine includes hundreds of recipes which are based on seasonal products
  • Great number of flour products and cereals, dishes made from wheat flour (dumplings, pancakes, pies) is also very typical for Ukrainian cuisine
  • Predominance of boiling and stewing over frying, salting over smoking
  • Non-alcoholic drinks: compote, uzvar, kvass, and alcoholic beverages of Ukrainian cuisine are mead, homemade wine or liquor
  • Season salads
  • Daily ration is represented by soups: borsch, solyanka, chicken broth and other soups
  • Wide use of pork, beef, chicken and fish, milk products such as sour cream, cottage cheese
  • Rich regional cuisine, depending upon where you are, you can taste river fish or seafood in the southern part of Ukraine
  • Home cooking more preferable rather than to eat fast food or processed foods
  • Quite friendly to vegetarians

Not only varenyky and borsch but we can’t ignore them


Ukrainian Borsch

One of the most popular Ukrainian dishes with a beet as a main ingredient. There is no fixed recipe, as each mistress and each chief cook make this simple soup to become a masterpiece, adding different ingredients and spices. Ukrainian borsch can be sweet or sour, with meat and without for vegetarians, with dried pears and beans- still it is true Ukrainian borsch! But this tricky dish can also course a family scandal and insult when a husband dares to say that borsch of his mom is more tasty.

Chicken Kyiv

Chicken Kyiv

Chicken Kyiv can be found not only in Ukrainian restaurants. Ukraine, France and the U.S. name dates and under which circumstances Chicken Kyiv appeared on our tables.  Local historians insist on the local origin of this tender Ukrainian dish at the beginning of 1900s which was forgotten for a couple of decades and were approved. This cutlet is prepared from chicken fillet, with a piece of cold butter wrapped in it. Greens, cheese, and mushrooms are sometimes added to butter. Chicken bone is fixed on one side and it is served with a papillot.

Don’t miss a chance to enjoy this dish in Chicken Kyiv restaurant. The only thing is that you have to guess where it is



This national Ukrainian dish is known far beyond Ukraine. The secret of varenyky (dumplings) is that they will definitely meet your taste and expectation: feelings can be sweet or sour, with meat, potatoes, cheese and berries. By the way you can become a professional in varenyky cooking, as we are offering a special master class all over Ukraine.



Small and smart looking, crispy and tasty cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, baby-corn are quite refreshing in winter and make a good company to strong vodka.

Street Food Festivals

Street Food Festivals

Food becomes a new trend and lots of street food festivals of high quality are organized all over Ukraine. It’s a chance to visit a big food court, where restaurants, farmers, cafes and single players offer something new or familiar dish in a new version.  

More interesting facts about Street food culture in Kyiv.

It’s always you to choose the way to go or the dish to try but we think traditional cuisine is an integral part of every country’s culture. So do not miss a chance to try diversified Ukrainian cuisine when traveling here!