One of the most romantic places of Ukraine!

But every beautiful place has a romantic story about it, right? The legend says, there was a couple who loved each other but their parents were against the marriage. So young people ran to the forest for their secluded dates. The girl could not stand the pain of not marrying her love, so she rushed under an oncoming train. The tunnel appeared right on a place where the girl in love died.

Nowadays, locals believe that every couple should make one wish and kiss each other for the wish to come true. The other belief says that the rails symbolize two people going together through the life and moving in one direction. So if you walk along the tunnel holding the hand of your sweetheart, you will leave long and happy life with each other. 

Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine
Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

Located in the urban-type settlement Klevan in Rivne Oblast makes it hard to get to the Tunnel as the infrastructure is not very good in that area. There is only one located near the Tunnel, where you can stay. 

You have several options to get to this site by yourself: by train or by bus. Taking the train from Kyiv or Lviv to Klevan is not comfortable due to late night (11:20 pm) or early morning (4:30 am) arrival to this place. 

HERE you can buy a train ticket on the website of the Ukrainian railway and more infomation about Train System in Ukraine.

You can also take a bus from Rivne, the duration of the ride is nearly 40-50 minutes. Be patient because most of the locals do not speak any English. They are still friendly and would be glad to help you, but the process of communication will be hard and can take a lot of time. 

To avoid all the unpleasant situations, which may create a bad experience in your travel, we will be glad to arrange the Day trip to the Tunnel of Love in Klevan from Kyiv or Lviv. Taking a ride on a comfortable vehicle and knowledgeable guide will leave you with a great impression about this place!