One of the best ways to explore the country is to try traditional food. And the best way to explore the life of locals – try the street food in Kyiv.

Small cafes or shops are hidden on the busy streets of the big city and attract citizens of Kyiv and its visitors. More and more of them open every year. Let us tell you about favorite places of locals, where you can try something good, unique, and made with love for Kyiv!


Kyiv Perepichka 

Kyiv Perepichka 

You will probably find this place in the best city guides about Kyiv. Because it is a legendary street food point! Small shop on the corner of Khreschatyk and Bohdana Khmelnytskoho streets is always busy. We even have a saying “Kyiv Perepichka has the longest and the fastest waiting line in Kyiv”. 

So what all the people are waiting for? Something perfectly unique?… No. It is a simply deep-fried patty with a juicy sausage inside. Nobody can describe the phenomenon of this place but the workers say they add a very special ingredient to the food – the love to Kyiv and its’ people. 

Must-try food in Kyiv!

Apple Liquor or Cherry Liquor 

Apple Liquor

You can find apple and cherry trees almost in every Ukrainian garden. No wonder why Ukrainians started producing liquor out of them and it got very popular across the country!

Apple liquor has rich flavor supplemented with species while cherry one has a very simple but delicious taste. 

Try two to decide which tastes better for you!

Lemon Chocolate Ice Cream 

The legendary dessert which you can find only at one place – Khreschatyk street. 

It is not like anything you have tried before in your life. Soft ice-cream with 2 tastes in one cone – gently sour lemon and creamy chocolate. 

Take one, find a free bench nearby, watch the busy life around when you enjoy the ice-cream. 

Perfect decision for a hot summer day!

GastroFamily Food Market 

GastroFamily Food Market 

It all started a few years ago with one 1-euro bar on Khreschatyk. The bar offered rich flavor apple liquor which became popular among locals. The chain started to grow, new places with new food ideas were opened. But this summer the problem of getting from one cafe to another was solved. 

7 the most loved cafes are united in 1 space right in the heart of Kyiv! 

There you can find delicious Caucus and Asian cuisine, fresh seafood and sushi rolls, doner kebabs, deep-fried patties, Italian cheese and many many more! And, of course, the apple liquor 🙂



Soups take a big part in the life of Ukrainians. There are situations when you want to have a bowl of tasty soup but have no time to wait for it at the restaurant or cafe. The problem is solved by the creators of “SoupCulture”! 

They serve their delicious soup in… Edible cups! 

Buy one for you and your friend and enjoy it the park next to this place!

TOP 10 Places to visit in Kyiv

Kyiv Food Market / Vietnam Hi

Kyiv Food Market

Kyiv Food Market is a big space full of different cafes and restaurants! 

It gives you a chance to find any food which can satisfy all your needs. Let us tell you about our favorite spot – an Asian cafe called “Vietnam Hi”! 

Undoubtedly it is a place where you will find tasty takeaway Vietnamese food and snacks. Do not forget to let the cook know how spicy your food should be, cause he is not greedy for some pepper! And try their specially-served Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk… Yummy! 

Don’t worry, if you don’t like Vietnamese food, there’s a “China Hi!” right next to it!

Of course, you will find much more at the Kyiv Food Market – beef steaks, hot dogs and burgers, seafood, desserts, and cakes. 

Great place for a friends’ night out!

Nalysnyky in Opanas 

Nalysnyky in Opanas 

One of the most traditional Ukrainian dishes is served as a street food right in the heart of a very beautiful park! 

What is nalysnyky? These are crepes but with lots of filling inside. Same as varenyky, the fillings can vary from sour to sweet. Our recommendation is definitely nalysnyky with apples and cinnamon!

As you can see there is so much food to try! Come to Ukraine and let’s taste Kyiv together!