Once you decide to travel to Kharkiv you will not experience difficulties getting there. The city has an international airport and a railway station that are capable of accommodating thousands visitors from all around the world. Accommodations in Kharkiv have never been a problem for travelers. Different hotels and guest houses located in different parts of the city offer services starting form bed and breakfast to full board. If you are looking for more privacy and comfortable amenities you can find apartments for rent in Kharkiv as another popular option. We highly recommend you to book a hotel or an apartment in advance so you do not have a hard time trying to find a place to stay in Kharkiv upon arrival.

Getting from one part of the city to another should be effortless. Locals usually choose metro (underground) as the fastest and most convenient way of getting around the city, but you may also use any bus lines, take a taxi or book transfer in advance.

But if you really want to feel the true Kharkiv’s spirit take time for a walking excursion. Every street, every square here has its own unique history and recognizable appearance, every building keeps memories about people and events. Everything around Kharkiv is surrounded by mystery and captivating myths and legends.

While travelling to Kharkiv you will see a unique mixture of 200 year old buildings sitting next to modern office buildings. Undoubtedly, the Gosprom building or Derzhprom (from Ukrainian) is one of the symbols of the city. At the time it was built in late 1920s it was the largest skyscraper in the USSR and the second largest in Europe. The professional engineering has allowed the Gosprom to survive two attempts of blowing the building up by the German army during the World War II. The Kharkiv State University is another building that attracts tourists. That is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine and, probably, the only one which had 3 Nobel Prize winners studying and working there.

Some of the buildings’ quaint elements have made them easy to find, for example, the House with statues, the House with Chimaeras, or the House with Frogs. To express love to the local architecture people often give nicknames to buildings. Ask your Kharkiv guide to explain to you why the buildings were nicknamed Word, or the House of Fairy Tales, Red Hood, Tetris, or Ants Hill (also known as Mausoleum).

But it’s not only the architecture that creates the special atmosphere in Kharkiv. Green parks and spacious squares are popular places in the city. The Freedom square (in English also known as Liberty square) is one of the largest squares in the world. Since it founded and up until now the square has been a place for festivals, shows, fairs, parades, concerts, and other public events. So, in 2008 more than 250 thousand people came to the square to listen to the legendary rock-band Queen. The two biggest park areas Gorky Park and Forest Park (Lesopark) are connected by the Children’s Railway, and don’t let the word children mislead you. Although kids do most of the work there the small trains are capable of transferring thousands of adult travelers during the season.

Like most modern big cities Kharkiv is a home for people with many different roots. They all have contributed to establishing local traditions. Thus, nowadays there are cathedrals and churches for most major religions in Kharkiv, so travelers from all over the world can find a comfort area for their religious needs. But due to the local culture most of the churches are Orthodox. Pokrovsky Monastery is the oldest building in the city. It was a part of fortifications system that initiated the city being built around it. Cathedral of the Assumption, also known as House of Organ and Chamber Music, is one of the highest buildings in Kharkiv. Locals and tourists come here to listen to world renowned musicians playing the organ. The candy-striped Annunciation Cathedral is the main Orthodox church of Kharkiv where religious people go asking for blessing from some saints whose mummies are displayed there.

Most tourists notice an unusual number of different monuments, memorial signs, statues and sculptures. Unlike many other cities Kharkiv still maintains the Lenin monument which is a very popular place for meeting with friends. The monument to Taras Shevchenko is considered the best of all existing monuments to the poet. This monument is a center for some local rituals that are supposed to bring you luck and prosperity. Memorial complex of Glory with its huge Motherland figure is worth a special attention from both tourists and locals. The memorial complex was opened in honor of soldiers who died defending the city during the Second World War. The eternal flame, mother’s heartbeat, quite classical music – the sacramental place calls for thinking about life and death, destiny and sense of life.

From the very first day Kharkiv has been famous for its merchants, and until now the city is an important trade center in Ukraine. Travelling to Kharkov you can easily buy everything you need in many shopping centers and marketplaces. Kharkiv also boasts of its “Barabashov” open market which is the largest in the Eastern Europe and the 14th in the world.

While travelling to Kharkiv you will definitely feel the atmosphere of love and romance. The Cascade Fountain, Mirror Stream and other fountains are popular romantic places for dates and even for wedding photos. If you are looking to meet your special one consider some of the local “love rituals.” As you can see, Kharkiv is not the city only for serious scientists and businessmen.

Life in Kharkiv is never boring. The city is rich in talented, creative, gifted people, and this makes it the cultural capital of Ukraine. There are more than 25 theaters, 20 museums, 5 major galleries, many annual festivals and entertainment events in Kharkiv. Cinemas, cafes, restaurants and disco clubs are open either in the daytime or during the night time.

If you get tired from the city’s busy life, you may wish to travel around the Kharkiv region. There are a lot of quite nature places with picturesque views and interesting sights. The most attractive for tourists are some of the country estates of noble families from the previous century, the park in Krasnokutsk with unique plants and wood carved sculptures, and the art museum in Parkhomovka village is known throughout the arts world for its great collection of original artworks by famous Russian, Ukrainian, and foreign artists.

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Enjoy staying on this charming land and enjoy Ukraine!