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The Crimean peninsula is like the miniature version of the whole world. This comparison is not just a figure of speech. There are not so many places on the Earth that can boast of such a rich and diverse nature. Travelling across the peninsula in just one day you can enjoy observing mountains overgrown with deep forests and forbidding rocks, dead-end canyons, picturesque waterfalls and mountain lakes, prairie valleys and lush gardens, quiet bays and steep rocky cliffs. These unique landscapes together with favorable climate allow Crimea to compete with the most popular corners of the World.

Throughout centuries the peninsula has been a part of numerous states and empires. In different times Crimea gave shelter to war like Cimmerians and Scythians, skillful Greek town planners, enterprising Genoeses and nomad Tatars. Their cultures and beliefs got mixed up and enriched each other. Seems only in Crimea archaeologists may discover ammunition left after the World War II and fragments of a clay jar made in 100 BC, cave monasteries not far from luxurious palaces. Every rock, every mountain, every patch of land has its own legend. Bear and Car Mountains, Adalar rocks, fountain in Bakhchisaray, The Black Mountain Kara Dag, mermaid from Mishor, Gikia from Chersonesus, they all have a story that may be true. Numerous historical and cultural monuments have become not only tourist attractions but important sacred places for people of different religions.

Due to the variety of natural monuments and historical places travelling to Crimea may turn into an exciting experience for tourists with many different interests. While many tourists visit the peninsula because of the sea relaxing at a beach is not the only thing to do in Crimea. Hikers have planned lots of routes to the most picturesque areas where one can only travel on foot and mysterious caves where time has stopped for million years.

Keen admirers of architectural monuments get great satisfaction from strolling around quite Yalta streets, visiting majestic Livadia built for the Russian tsar, or Vorontsovsky and other palaces for Russian nobles, or different architectural style for tatar Khan’s Palace in Bakhchisaray.

You may want to visit the ancient ruins of Chersonesus in Sebastopol, or possibly the remains of fortresses located in Sudak, Feodosia, Kerch and many others areas of Crimea to feel a connection to times of the past. The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens and gorgeous parks located in Livadia, Alupka or Masandra boast of great collections of evergreens and unique plants brought from different corners of the world and represent the botanical science in Ukraine for millions of tourists, scientists, and landscape designers.

In the cradle of Ukrainian wine-making you will find the Crimean oldest winery Massandra and the Magarach National Institute for growing grapes and winemaking which have been producing superb wines for over 100 years. They open their secrets to wine connoisseurs and tourists in Crimea.

If your idea of entertainment draws you to the sea there many options available. The numerous sailing and diving clubs offer their services along the Black sea cost where you may also enjoy sea voyages and sightseeing from onboard luxurious yachts or from small motor boats.

JC-Travel Ukrainian tour guides can work for you all year around regardless of the season, and they are always ready to assist while you are travelling in Crimea. “Winter, spring, summer or fall all you have to do is call and we will be there.” This magic place always has something to offer for tourist craving adventures.

Spring in Crimea is a life festival. This is probably the best time for all kinds of tours and excursions. There still are not so many tourists crowding around the sights and the gentle but already warm sun will comfort you while enjoying a fantastic variety of first spring flowers and the many trees in blossom high up in the mountains or in the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. Spring is also a perfect timing to visit Uchan-su waterfall which is 322 ft (98 metres) high and located in the mountains above Yalta. While almost dried up in summer months the waterfall is absolutely gorgeous in spring. If your interest lies in nightlife you may not want to travel to Crimea from October till May as most hotspots are closed waiting for the busy season.

If your plans include relaxing in the sun or many forms of beach entertainments such as swimming, diving, sailing or boating you may want to travel to Crimea from late May till September as that is when water is warm enough and varieties of clubs start actively offering their services everywhere along the coast. Pavement cafes, night clubs, aqua parks, entertainment centers and vendors selling Crimean souvenirs attract thousands of local and foreign tourists. July and August is the busiest and the hottest season in Crimea. This is the time when numbers of tourists are reaching the maximum. In addition, if you plan to go hiking to the mountains or visit some caves or reserves it is a high possibility to find them closed from visitors due to risk of fire.

Once you decide to travel to Crimea finding transportation and accommodation should not be a major concern. The easiest way is to arrive by air to the regional capital Simferopol (airport code SIP) where they accept both international and domestic flights or to “Belbek” Sevastopol International Airport. The other most common option to travel from most of the Ukrainian cities is to travel by trains which arrive to one of the four railway stations in the Crimea: Simferopol, Sevastopol, Feodosia or Evpatoria. You shouldn’t experience difficulties reaching your final destination from there as most settlements in Crimea are connected with state and private bus lines and taxi services. To ensure more comfort tourist may book transfer in advance and avoid all the hassle of dealing with public transport especially during the busy season. But if you want to start your visit to Crimea with an adventure take a ride on a trolleybus with the longest in the world route that goes through the mountains from Simferopol to Alushta and Yalta. On your arrival you will be able to choose from hundreds of hotels, resorts, B&Bs, and apartments for rent available all year around for tourists with different requirements and budgets. So, the only problem you may face in Crimea, especially if you hire a guide and plan your trip in advance, will be is lack of desire to leave this mysterious land.

All the opportunities for unforgettable adventures together with the warm Black sea make Crimea one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists in Ukraine. To be sure our guests can enjoy all the wonders of the peninsula we developed “The Magical Crimea”, “The Great Crimean tour around the World” tours and included the most interesting places into some other tours around Ukraine. In addition, you may contact us to plan your own individual or group trip to Crimea that would meet your interests and expectations.

Enjoy your staying on this charming land and enjoy Ukraine!

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