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Yalta, undoubtedly, is one of the most picturesque and interesting resort in Ukraine which is located in the center of the Southern coast of Crimea. Founded many centuries ago as a Greek colony Yalta had become a favorite place of the Russian aristocracy and gentry by the 19th century. Many Russian writers chose Yalta as a place to work. Due to this special love in 1838 Yalta got an official status as a city and turned into a fashionable resort area. Now Yalta is associated with hot sun, parks with unique evergreen trees, gentle sea, majestic mountain views and refined architecture of old villas. Different high-level political and business conferences, seminars, art festivals and sports competitions take place in the Yalta area. VIPs from Ukraine and other countries choose Yalta as a location for their houses at the seaside.

The best-loved place of locals and tourists that makes the special spirit in Yalta is its wharf (Naberezhnaya). This is the central walking street and one of the oldest streets in the city. Seems nowhere else would you find so many people of different ages completely satisfied with life. Here you will find mothers with young kids, roller skating teens, walking couples and older people relaxing on the benches – this magical place brings together all kinds of people with various interests. Official buildings and hotels along the street demonstrate unusual combinations of architectural styles that complement each other, and numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants are waiting for travelers all year around. Varieties of street vendors sell souvenirs; local and guest artists display their pictures for tourists passing by. Fishermen organize their unofficial fishing tournaments. Only travelling to Yalta can you have this incomparable experience.

If you take a sea excursion onboard one of the boats running to most tourist destinations along the coast, or you rent a yacht for fishing and diving or just for having fun with the company of friends, you may be accompanied by unusual guides. A group of merry cute dolphins is likely to follow you during your journey.

If you are not afraid of heights take a ride on a cable car that will bring you to one of the view points specially organized so that tourists may see the city and its surroundings from a bird’s eye view. On your way down do not forget to stop near the Uchan-Su waterfall which is almost twice as high as the famous Niagara Falls and extremely gorgeous in spring time.

Travelling to Yalta is not limited to visiting just one particular city. The Crimean coast stretching for about 44 miles (70 km) from Foros in the West to Gurzuf in the East is also referred to as “The Greater Yalta”. The area attracts thousands of tourists with outstanding historical places and picturesque mountain views.

Customary routes for most trips around the area bring tourists to the magnificent palaces which have their doors open for tourist all year around. Livadia Palace was a summer residence of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and his family. The Yalta Conference was held there in 1945, when the palace became home for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and other members of the American delegation. Active tourists are very excited to start here a walk along the Sunny Pass that was planned especially for the tsar’s family to enjoy sea views while walking in the mountains. Right at the bottom of Ay-Petri Mountain in Alupka you will find the Vorontsovsky Palace guarded by the famous lion statues. It demonstrates an unusual blend of English architecture and Muslim art of buildings from the 16th century. During the Yalta Conference in 1945 the palace was also a residence of the English delegation. Both Alupka and Livadia palaces captivate tourists with gorgeous parks that were planned by the best landscape designers of 19th century.

The Swallow’s Nest castle that nestled into the very edge of Aurora cliff and Masandra palace located in the mountains above the city of Yalta town are two other symbols of Crimea recognized by tourist long before their visit to Ukraine.

Tourists who prefer less busy areas often choose from smaller towns in the Greater Yalta to unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life. Located not far from the most Southern point of Crimea and the whole Ukraine Foros is the resort town where successful Russian and Ukrainian businessmen and politicians build their villas. The lovely little town Simeiz is another ideal place to relax. Bizarre Swan Wing, Pan and Diva rocks together with the Cat Mountain make the town popular with tourists looking for unusual landscapes. Three other towns Gaspra, Koreiz and Mishor have almost merged into one resort area often mentioned as Mishor. The Bear Mountain protects another popular resort Gursuf on the western boarder of the Greater Yalta. If you are acquainted with literature by Pushkin and Chekov you may be interested in visiting museums founded in the houses where the writers used to live in Gursuf.

All of the Yalta’s palaces together with other wonders of the local nature make travelers feel the magic. But that feeling would not be complete without a visit to the real fairy tale located in the mountains not far from Yalta. “Fairy tale” is the name for a kingdom of wild animals who warmly welcome adults and kids to the local zoo which is the first and the biggest private zoo of the CIS. With a great effort one family was able to bring together about 400 animals from different continents, including such rare animals as white tigers and white lions, and even a white peacock.

Travelling to Yalta during any season and during any month you will be able to discover new and exciting sides of the Crimean coast. If your heart is open for the new experiences you may choose one of the standard tours by JC-Travel or contact us to plan your own individual or group travel to Yalta that would meet your interests and expectations.

Enjoy staying on this charming land and enjoy Ukraine!

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