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Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. For more than 17 centuries the city has been a part of Poland, Austria-Hungary empires and the USSR, it has become a scene for two World Wars but nothing has been able to destroy the city’s special spirit, its unique blend of Western and Eastern European culture. Some of the best architects and designers have contributed to Lviv’s development. Although it may be hard to believe, most ancient buildings have retained their original appearance. Lviv is like a pearl that slowly opens its treasure to the world. And the world welcomes the city gladly. Every year thousands of Ukrainian and foreign tourists come to enjoy the city’s wonders that are listed as UNESCO “World Heritage”. Even experienced travelers acknowledge Lviv as one of the most unexpected discoveries in Europe.

Visiting Lviv may be compared with traveling to a fairy tale. Narrow cobbled streets with small cozy stone buildings, gorgeous castles and cathedrals, the unforgettable dialect of the local western Ukrainian people, these all may make you feel like time has stopped in the city. You probably wouldn’t be surprised a lot if you happen to meet a knight wearing shining armor and riding a horse somewhere around a corner.

Despite mediaeval spirit throughout the city well-developed modern travel services are widely offered in Lviv. Simple and high level hotels and apartments for rent are waiting for tourists with different requirements. Taxis and excursion buses make it is easy to go sightseeing in every part of the city.

Summer is usually the hottest tourists’ season in Lviv, but with JC-Travel agency you will feel at home there all year round. Our guides will show you the most important must see sights and share the mysterious legends that are told from generation to generation. And who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one who can see the Crazy Train.

Most tourist routes will bring you to the historic centre of Lviv. Also known as Old Town the place accumulates the city’s business and cultural life. Every day hundreds of business appointments and love dates are arranged here, thousands of locals and tourists come here to work and to have fun. The Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok) was founded at the same time as the city. Colorful buildings around the square keep secrets of many generations. The Town Hall, the Black stone house, the Italian courtyard are some of the famous buildings that add to the authenticity and charm of the square and the whole city. Only the most attentive tourist can notice the common feature of all the buildings. Will you? Walking along the Freedom Avenue you will definitely find another popular place – The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. It is not only famous for outstanding performances but for the architectural style of its building.

But to get a complete impression of Lviv you should look at the city from a birds’ eye view. To do so you will need to climb up 408 steps in the Ratusha Tower or go to the High Castle (Vysoky Zamok) which is the highest point in Lviv with a nice park still hiding signs of the city’s heroic past.

If you want to learn more about culture and traditions of western Ukrainians go to the open-air Museum of Folk Architecture and Household “Shevchenkivsky Hai”. There you will find reconstructed Ukrainian villages and household items, clothes, farm equipment and other things used by people of different social levels.

Modern Lviv is a paradise for everyone who cannot imagine their lives without coffee and chocolate. A cup of coffee in Lviv is much more than a cup of drink. It is the spirit of Lviv itself, its history, pride, centuries-old traditions that revive with every next sip. Chocolate is another passion in the city. Here you will find tens if not hundreds of cafeterias and cafes where they make their own perfect coffee and hot chocolate, and other sweets. It may seem that people here do nothing without a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. They even created festivals specially dedicated to such loved products. During the Chocolate Holiday or Coffee Festival everyone can visit baristo workshops, learn how to make real chocolate, add new coffee and deserts recipes to your own collection and you can participate in various completions for kids and adults.

Actually, people in Lviv have learned how to make a holiday without any important reason. If you plan a visit to Lviv you better check its busy festivals schedule that may include up to 50 different celebrations during a year. Lviv Christmas Fair, Festival of Chocolate, Beer Festival, Easter Fair, Pysanka Festival, The Batyar’s Day (Rascal Day), International Jazz Festival, Children’s Festivals, Medieval Culture Festival, Gastronomic Festival “Lviv on a plate”, International Book Fair, this is not even close to the complete list of special events that create that special spirit and attract so many tourists.

If you want to visit Lviv, please, choose from the tours The First Acquaintance, Pearls of Ukraine, The Amazing Western Ukraine, The Best of Ukraine tours, or contact us to plan your own individual or group travel to Lviv that would meet your interests and expectations.

Enjoy staying on this charming land and enjoy Ukraine!

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