Kiev – the capital of Ukraine
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Kiev – the capital of Ukraine 5.00/5(2 votes)

Kiev – the capital of Ukraine

Every year more than a million tourists visit one of the oldest and largest cities in Europe – Kiev. Like any other capital, the city accumulates business, political, and cultural life. Known as the mother of Russian cities, Kiev has been able to maintain charm and noble simplicity Slavonic people. Although being very busy people here are always friendly and heartful.

Once you decide to travel to Kiev, you are likely to start your acquaintance with the city arriving at the Boryspil International Airport or Zhulyany airport. It won’t take you lots of efforts to get from the airport to the city. You can choose from several bus lines running 24/7, take a taxi or book transfer in advance. Chances are that you come by train arriving at Kiev`s main Passenger Railway Station. In this case metro (underground) would be the fastest and most convenient way of getting around the city, but you also may use any public transport.

Actually, the city has a very well developed transport infrastructure, including 2 airports, railway stations, 7 big bus stations, metro with 3 lines, funicular, all kinds of city public transport, and numerous taxi services. River port is one of the most favorite places of Kyivans as well as tourists. From here you can take an exciting boat trip along the Dniper river with an excursion group or renting the whole boat for your own.

More information about transport infrastructure you can read here.

Accommodation in Kiev has never been a problem for tourists. Guests can choose from different hotels, located in different parts of Kiev and offering services starting form bed and breakfast to full board. Apartments for rent is another popular option for those looking for more privacy and comfortable amenities. We highly recommend you to book hotel or apartment in advance so you do not have any hard time trying to find a place to stay in Kiev upon arrival.

If you travel around the city on your own without a guide watch out not to get lost walking around 2,300 Kiev streets. The main street of Kiev, Khreshchatyk, is also the widest one. Various historical buildings, offices, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes made Khreshchatyk one of the favorite streets of locals and an outstanding tourist attraction. It is worth visiting during weekends and public holidays, when the street is closed for road traffic and turns into a perfect location for a family walk, romantic date, meeting friends or sightseeing. Vladimirovskaya street is the oldest one – historians claim it is more than 1,000 years old.

Whatever street you come it is easy to notice the variety of Kiev architecture – this is an unforgettable mixture of historical ancient buildings, some sings of USSR times and just built modern building. Despite great age and many historical event that have changed Kiev look, there are still many unique buildings with unusual decor and stone faces looking motionless at the passing by.

Throughout the century, the unusual nature of the House with Chimaeras (also known as Gorodetsky House) has given rise to a number of legends shared by people and repeated in guide-books. So called Chocolate house built in 1899 used to be one of the most luxurious building. And, of course, these are only some examples, of rich Kiev architecture.

Walking around the city it is difficult not to come across some park or forest area, that could be like and oasis in a hot summer day. Many tourists acknowledge Kiev as one of the city with many trees and other plants. In fact, about a half of the city is occupied by parks, forest areas and water reserves.

If enjoying the city views you happen to find yourself in an unknown street, do not hesitate to ask for direction. Majority young people in Kiev can speak English and some other foreign languages, and those who don’t will do their best to help you. At some moment you may think they are shouting trying to help you but you shouldn’t take it personal. For some reasons Ukrainians believe the louder they speak the better they are understood, even if they speak different language.

Hundreds of Kiev restaurants, cafes, fast food open their doors for hungry tourists and Kiavans. One may choose to try traditional Ukrainian cuisine with delicious vareniki and borsch, or opt for better known European, American or Asian cuisine. There are lots of great places to eat out in Kiev for visitors with limited budgets and those ready to pay extra for delicacy. Do not forget about Chicken Kiev – dish that spread awareness about the city around the world even to those ones who had never heard about Ukraine. Even though some Kiev cafes and fast food may look not very comfy, tourists may be happy to find free WI-FI connection there.

Smokers, be ready not to be allowed to smoke in cafes and restraints – since not long ago smoking in public areas is prohibited in Ukraine.

Staying in Kiev, try to find time for sightseeing. Like any other huge city with century history Kiev has numerous exciting places to visit, and not even all locals are aware of each of them. Ordering a tour with a professional guide is the best way to rush into the city life and see sights but not required. It is easy to find what to do in Kiev.

To find the best city views, see unique landscape and take picturesque photos Kievans and tourist like to climb numerous hills where some special viewpoints are organized.

Kiev can boast of historical monuments, such as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra from 1051. The monument of Lavra has included in UNESCO’s list of world treasures thanks to its architectural merits. The caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with remains of famous people – for example Kievan Rus mythical hero Ilya Muromets, The saints Anthony and Feodosia Pechersky and The chronicler Nestor is one of the must visit places for all Christiand and not only. The Golden Gate from 11th century – remains of ancient gates that met city guests centuries ago. Vladimirskaya Gorka Park – is a Ukrainian treasure of garden art. Ukrainians say “On who has not been at Vladimirskaya Gorka has not seen Kiev”. The Andrew Spusk – is a place number one to buy Ukrianian souvenirs and folk crafts. These are only some example of historical places to go sightseeing.

But Kiev is not only about history. Kievans are proud of their modern art that keeps attracting more and more tourist. The most outstanding and popular things to see would be a wooden statue of a ballet dancer, Cat Ponteleimon monument and a couple of street lights in love . Some of the monuments are promised to fulfill your wishes. You only ought to through a coin and rub a tongue of a bronze toad to get some luck and happiness. Touch a huge Nose monument is supposed to protect you from cold and flu.

There are more and more things to be mentioned while talking about the city. Visiting Kiev any season and any month you will be able to discover more unexpected sides of the Ukrainian capital. But any words can express feelings and emotion you will experience traveling to Kiev. As the saying goes – it is better to see once than to hear about it a hundred times. In this case it is better to try Kiev tours yourself.

Therefore we will offer you our support and help in planning your trip to Kiev. You may find our itinerary of a standard tours to Kiev in the menu section - Tours in Ukraine. Enjoy your staying in this charming city and enjoy Ukraine!

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